wednesdaysLast night we celebrated our annual “Thanksgiving Fiesta” as a part of our weekly Wild Wednesday ministry. As you may know, each Wednesday, children, youth and adults from around our congregation and community gather on our campus for a variety of purposes. Adults from the community come to learn English, children come to play and learn together through children’s activities, and the Holy Cross/Santa Cruz youth soccer team practices on the fields and in the gym. On Thanksgiving, however, we all come together to “feast” and give thanks.

As we gathered last night, Pastor Juan led us in a prayer before our meal and encouraged those gathered to jump in with prayers of their own. Someone chimed in with “Thank you God for this food” and another with “Thank you God for my family”. I nodded in agreement as I prayed along with them since I too, am thankful for food and my family!

But then some of my young friends started adding additional thanksgivings.

“Thank you God for this soccer team.”

“Thank you God for these volunteers.”

“Thank you God for this place.”

And my favorite;

“Thank you God for Wednesdays.”

If you are like me, when I think about what I am thankful for my go-to list includes the basics: food, my family, jobs to support our family, and a home to live in. Sometimes when I’m feeling especially grateful I am able to think a bit beyond my immediate surroundings. Thank you God for our freedoms, and our health and oh yeah, for Jesus!

But I must admit that I cannot recall ever before thanking God for Wednesdays. So when my little friend thanked God for Wednesdays last night it made me smile. Wednesdays? Really? But as I thought about it, I was also convicted. How shallow my gratitude with God can be! I tend to thank him for the “stuff” of life; the people and things that I see around me that bring joy to my life and ease my burdens. But when I really pause to think about what I have to be grateful for these things barely scratch the surface.

As James writes, “Every good gift and perfect gift is from above.”  EVERY good gift. God has not only given me the stuff of life, but he has given me life itself! And he didn’t stop there. He gave me new life through baptism and continues to offer me his mercies anew each and every morning…..even on Wednesdays….

So this year I have decided that in addition to food and my family, I too am thankful for Wednesdays! What about you? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I would love to hear your list.

Angie Nitz