It has been said that Texans loose their minds at the first sight of snow or ice.  I have agreed that there is some truth to this, but have also tried to defend us, arguing this is really an exaggeration.  However, after being a witness to the events of last Friday I now have to amend my stance and admit that Texans do loose their minds when winter weather hits!
In the last few days I have been wrestling with the question; where was Jesus in the midst of two people that choose to get into a road rage fight that ended in one of them on the ground, having been shot twice?
The answer that I have come up with is that Jesus is in the grace and love shown by so many in the immediate moments after the shooting took place.  Within seconds of the shooting that took place right before my eyes, myself and three other people converged around the man who was shot to render aid. Within a couple of minutes 911 had been called, a temporary tourniquet applied and the man was being walked across the street to a minor emergency clinic where he received further aid and was picked up by the ambulance.
Over the next hour or so, we who witnessed these events were checking with each other to making sure that each other was OK and offering to help in any way needed. Even in being interviewed by CBS 11, I found the reporter and cameraman to show genuine concern and admiration for myself and the others involved and not just trying to get a story.
When she heard I was a pastor, the newscaster commented that she was glad that I was there.  However, in a lot of ways the real ministry opportunity in all this happened after the fact.  Several people outside the church who know that I am a pastor reached out to me when they saw the story saying things like, “good job pastor!”  All this to say in that moment people got to see me live out what I claim to be about as a servant of Jesus. We may never know when these opportunities will present themselves, but we do know that God has given us his Spirit to guide us and help us “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”
Pastor Chris Holder